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19 Feb, 2019 by Guest Author
By Caleb Shull, The Maschhoffs When it comes to barn technology advancements, one of the areas progressing most rapidly is information technology. From the outside, many recently-built hog barns closely resemble the structures that our parents or…
19 Feb, 2019 by Rhonda Brooks
As Ken Ferrie works with farmers, he often does what he calls a field map session each year with them. As you would expect, the biggest factor in the conversation, on whether it’s productive, is quality maps. “A map should talk to us when we look…
19 Feb, 2019 by Anna-Lisa Laca
As farmers look to develop marketing plans for the coming growing season, there’s a new app that can help them track profitability in real time. The Bennett Consulting Profitability App was designed to keep producers informed on profitability per…
12 Feb, 2019 by Guest Author
By John Phipps Recently researchers at the University of Illinois announced what I think is a startling breakthrough in bioengineering. The best way to explain it is they hacked photosynthesis. I’m sure this helpful diagram will make it all clear,…
12 Feb, 2019 by Steve Cubbage
By now there is little doubt that the younger generation is rapidly changing the look and feel of the agricultural industry. Although inevitable, it still may be tough to swallow the fact that millennials now outnumber the baby boomers in this…