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19 Mar, 2019 by Guest Author
By Jennifer Shike The National Pork Board and Ripe Technology, Inc. have entered an agreement to pilot blockchain technology use in the U.S. pork industry.   Through this partnership, will enable an ecosystem that will allow pork producers…
19 Mar, 2019 by Sonja Begemann
On the right-hand window of his tractor, Matt Foes scribbles notes to pass the hours he spends in the seat. His goal? Brainstorm ways to improve next season. In 2018, Foes moved back to the family farm after years of working in research for seed…
19 Mar, 2019 by Rhonda Brooks
A lot of the fields Brad Beutke farms look flat and black from the road. But as the old saying goes, looks can be deceiving. “There’s a lot of variability out here that you wouldn’t necessarily expect in central Illinois,” says Beutke, who grows 2…
12 Mar, 2019 by Ashley Davenport
On the AgPro Podcast with Ashley Davenport, voices from the industry asked, “What is your perspective on connecting agronomic decisions with technology using precision ag?” To listen to the podcast, click here. Mark Bauer Great Bend, Kan.Precision…
12 Mar, 2019 by Chris Bennett
The mavericks of DIY innovation are blazing a trail through the heart of agriculture. Yesterday’s technological hopes are today’s reality on many operations, evidenced by a growing number of farmers involved in automation and open sourcing. If the…